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20/11/2023 to
KSL Archery Camp - Yucaipa, CA. USA
KSL Archery Thanksgiving Camp Coming to Yucaipa, CA. USA
November 20 - 24, 2023

Improve your game with a Proven Strategy for Success! KSL Camp offers an extensive training curriculum for all ages and levels to increase your knowledge of the game and skillset by fine tuning your shot cycle. This five day course is essential in helping archers reach their maximum potential.
Join us and learn from the best in the sport, sign up now!!

Designed to benefit archers of all experience levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced

Topics covered:
- Mental Game in Archery
- Archery fundamentals
- Individualized Archer
- Assessment by Coach Lee
- Theory KSL Shot Cycle
- Equipment Tuning Techniques
- Goal Setting
- Training Techniques for Big Games
And Moreā€¦

Fees Include the following
Bed & Board
50+ hours of Training

Register Now:
E-mail request to
Venmo : @JoyLeeArchery

*** Please arrive after lunch on 11/19. 2023
5 Days (Full Course): $ 1,450
3 Days (3/4 Course): $ 1000
2 Days:(1/2 Course): $ 700
1 Day: (1/4 Course): $ 350
* JLAA Members receive 10% Discount
**Members that sign up before 6/31 receive add 5%

About Coach Lee
Kisik Lee is arguably the leading coach in the modern era of the sport of archery. He has been the Head Archery Coach of Korea, Australia and currently Head Coach of the USA where
he has coached Brady Ellison to become arguably the best archer of the modern era. Mr Lee's coaching experience spans nine Olympics and his record speaks for itself.

  • Download attached file [KSL_Archery_Camp_2023.pdf]

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