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Following the greek roots of the word prefix hypo- we can see that hypohydration is when the total body water is below normal level - that is, when we are dehydrated.

Hypohydration has many side effects that can affect the performance of an archer:
 • Increases body temperature
 • Elevates heart rate
 • Increases risk of heat stroke
 • Increases fatigue
 • Reduces mental function
 • Affects fine motor control
 • Affects concentration, decision making and Performance

By drinking regularly during exercise/competition, athletes can prevent declines in concentration and skill level, improve perceived exertion, prevent excessive elevations in heart rate and body temperature and improved performance - good justification for every athlete and coach to make fluid replacement a key priority during training and competition.

How much should athletes drink during exercise?

Fluid - Who needs it?


The Australian Institute of Sport has done extensive research and has come up with an excellent three page fact sheet in PDF format - Fluid - who needs it?

We recommend that every athlete and coach should take time to read this and develop and implement hydration strategies during training and competition.

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