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Seminar Events

FROM 11/12/2019
TO 14/12/2019
Australasia 2019 Details to be advised
FROM 16/10/2019
TO 20/10/2019
Europe 2019 Date: 16/10/2019 to 20/10/2019 Place: Hamm, Germany Address: Bogensport-Abteilung Jutta Emmerich, Hubert-Westermeier Straße 5 59069 Hamm Google Maps: click here Enquiries:
FROM 10/12/2018
TO 14/12/2018
KSL International Sydney Seminar 2018 •Level 1 Training (3 days) is available to all attendees. Benefit to archers, coaches and prospective coaches. •Level 2 Training (3 days) is only available to those who have previously achieved ...
FROM 26/09/2018
TO 29/09/2018
KSL Seminar India Sports Authority of India and the Ministry of sports, Govt of India are funding this seminar 26/09/2018 to 29/09/2018.
FROM 30/05/2018
TO 02/06/2018
International Seminar - Munich, Germany Bring your archery technique and knowledge into the 21st century by listening to the World's #1 Archery Coach. If you are a serious archer or coach don't miss this presentation. 1.•Level 1 Traini...
FROM 11/12/2017, 11:59 AM
TO 14/12/2017, 06:00 PM
2017 International Coaching Seminar - Sydney Australia Australian Archery is beginning to see the benefits of holding these seminars and implementation of the KSL coaching accreditation system. Mr Lee is returning to Sydney once again, so dont miss this ...
FROM 12/07/2017
TO 16/07/2017
KiSik Lee Seminar International Coach Certification - Latin America Hotel 4 Points Saltillo Coah MX Limit 50 People Cost: $1000 (USD) Includes 5 Day Hotel 4 Day Clinic Simultaneous Translator Breakfast Lunch Coffee Break Contact: ernestoboardman@hotmai...
FROM 13/12/2016
TO 16/12/2016
2016 International Coaching Seminar - Sydney Australia The Only KSL Seminar to be held in 2016. Sydney Olympic Park will welcome back Mr Lee for yet another seminar following the success of implementing his methods over the past 4 years. Location: C...
FROM 15/12/2015
TO 18/12/2015
2015 International Coaching Seminar - Sydney Australia KiSik will be returning to Sydney for the 4th consecutive year. Due to the lead up to the 2016 Olympics this will be the only international seminar held this year so don't miss it. Location: Confer...
FROM 16/12/2014
TO 19/12/2014
2014 International Coaching Seminar - Australia Hosted by World Archery Australia and Sydney Olympic Park Archers. This is where it all started in 2012. KiSik will be coming back for his third Sydney Seminar. Accreditation for KLICC Level 1 2 and 3...
FROM 01/10/2014
TO 05/10/2014
2014 International Coaching Seminar - Brussels Kisik Lee is returning to Brussels following the successful event last year. This seminar is for archers and coaches to learn more about the modern archery techniques being developed by Mr Lee. Coac...
FROM 01/07/2014, 01:30 PM
TO 04/07/2014, 12:00 PM
2014 Kisik Lee Coaching Seminar - Japan Hosted by All Japan Archery Federation in Kakegawa Japan
FROM 16/12/2013
TO 20/12/2013
2013 Sydney Coaching Seminar Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Hosted by World Archery Australia and Sydney Olympic Park Archers
FROM 20/11/2013
TO 24/11/2013
2013 Europe Seminar Interacts Brussels Level 1 Certification Registrations have Closed This event was hosted by Belgium Archery Academy
FROM 15/12/2012
TO 18/12/2012
2012 Sydney Coaching Seminar - Level 1 Certification Hosted by World Archery Australia

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