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September 4, 2006 - Andrew Noble (13 years old)

I considered it a great privilege to be part of the Dream Team program at the Olympic Training Center in California! I learned a lot about the BEST method from Coach Lee, how to pursue our goals from Rick McKinney, and why and how to keep a field book from George Tekmitchov. However, I learned the most about how to improve my technique and how to implement the BEST method during the training times that week.

Coach Lee's presentation on the BEST Method helped me a great deal. I know understand that the reason that it is the best method is because of back tension, which allows us to perform better under pressure. I learned a lot about my posture: stance, having a straight back rather than a hollow back, keeping my head position, and not leaning forward. I also now have a better understanding of loading and transfer. I know what the difference between angular movement and linear movement is and because of that I know how to load angularly. I also learned about follow through, how to drop my wrist and use my back to complete the shot.
Andrew Noble is a

Dream Team Member

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