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January 9, 2007 - Bengt Eriksson

Dear Mr Lee,

I just read on your website that the Swedish national coach is spreading the word about the KSL shoot cycle. For that reason I just wanted to tell you that the Stockholm Archery Club (in Swedish: Stockholms Bagskjutningsklubb) is preparing to implicate the KSL shoot cycle into regular training and coaching.

I personally bought your book "Total Archery" from an English website (Alternative Archery) a few years ago and was immediately fascinated by the logic and transparance of your ideas concerning archery performance and coaching.

I am at the moment undergoing a coaching course in Sweden called HTU and is at the present the highest coaching level course in Sweden. The HTU course is also partly led by the National Coach/General Secretary of the Swedish Archery Association Mr Cenneth Alund.

Stockholm Archery Club was founded in 1928 and though we have a long way to go to reach top international level, we have the past five years become one of the larger archery clubs in Sweden and we now seek to continue to develop our methods of teaching and coaching.

I feel that your success as a coach is unpresidented and the KIA method is indeed something we will try to master, execute and teach.

Thank you and all the best wishes for the future!

Yours, Bengt Eriksson

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