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Kisik Lee International Coaching Certification (KLICC)

Certification Levels


LEVEL ONE - THEORY LEVEL - For Archers and Coaches

Involves attending a three-day seminar to fully understand the basics of the KSL Shot Cycle. To obtain a Level 1 Certificate you are required to pass a multiple choice theory exam. The pass mark is 80% or higher. Level 1 Certification does not allow you to coach as it is theory only. This course is for the benefit of archers as well as potential coaches. Upon successfully passing Level 1 a Level 1 Achievement Certificate is awarded and signed by Mr Lee. An entry is also maintained in the International register.



Can only be achieved after passing the Level 1 theory exam. A 12 month wait is required after first attempting the Level 1 exam before Level 2 training can commence. To pass Level 2 you are required to sit a refresher Level 1 course combined with Level 2 training followed by a rigorous practical test one-on-one with Kisik Lee. On successfully passing Level 2 a Level 2 Coach Certificate is awarded and signed by Mr Lee. An entry is also maintained in the International register of qualified Kisik Lee International Coaching Certified (KLICC) Coaches.



Equivalent to a Level 5 in the USA and only awarded by Mr Lee to outstanding coaches who have demonstrated their ability to coach archers to high standards in the KSL Shot Cycle. A Level 3 coach must also be able to demonstrate they can ‘coach the coaches’. Level 3 is only awarded directly by Kisik Lee and can only be applied for after 3 years of coaching using the KSL Shot Cycle. On successfully passing Level 3 a Level 3 Coach Certificate is awarded and signed by Mr Lee. An entry is also maintained in the International register of KLICC Coaches.


Level 3 KLICC Certified Coaches

    Ricci Cheah (NSW Australia)

    Mathias Van Bulk

    Dirk Schmidt
    Karsten Sprenger

    Luc Schuler

    Macide Erdener


Level 2 KLICC Certified Coaches

    Pablo Lobo (Argentina)

    Alec Potts (VIC Australia)
    Alex King (NSW Australia)
    Anna Walls (Tasmania Australia)
    Ben Page (NSW Australia)
    Dawed Bester (NSW Australia)
    Eammon Marha (NSW Australia)
    Elisa Barnard (NSW Australia)
    Greg Nguyen (NSW Australia)
    Jade Pham (NSW Australia)
    Jon Lane (Tasmania Australia)
    Jonathon Milne (NSW Australia)
    Kelvin Heath (NSW Australia)
    Laura Trezise (NSW Australia)
    Lynette Rankin-Tyack (QLD Australia)
    Lynne Fairhall (NSW Australia)
    Paul Searle (VIC Australia)
    Peter Boukouvalus (NSW Australia)
    Rachael King (NSW Australia)
    Ricci Cheah (NSW Australia)

    Ingrid Brioen (Belgium)
    Mathias Van Bulck (Belgium)
    Peter Raeves (Belgium)

    Czech Republic
    Petr Duba (Czech Republic)

    Dirk Schmidt (Germany)
    Karsten Sprenger (Germany)

    Luc Schuler (Luxembourg)

    New Zealand
    Julie Baker (New Zealand)
    Chris Roberts (New Zealand)

    Nuno Oliveira (Portugal)

    Matej Zupanc (Slovenia)
    Matija Zlender (Slovenia)

    Macide Erdener (Turkey)
    Yusuf Goktug Ergin (Turkey)

    United Kingdom
    Samuel Birdsall (UK)
    Zep Birdsall (UK)


Level 1 KLICC Certificate Holders

    Pablo Lombo

    Adrian Downes
    Alec Potts
    Alex Kim
    Alex King
    Alex Smith
    Anna Walls
    Anthony Vial
    Bailey Twomey
    Ben Page
    Chevyone Cheah
    Dania Chomeili-Jesmi
    David Kuestler
    David Roig
    Dawid Bester
    Delia Evans
    Dennis Carson
    Eammon Marha
    Eddie Upston
    Elisa Barnard
    Erwin Chai
    Frank Figliuzzi
    Glen Thomas
    Greg Nguyen
    Gregor Whiley
    Henry Chen
    Jack McGrath
    Jade Pham
    Jason Schejnin
    Jon Lane
    Jonathon Milne
    Justin Walls
    Kelvin Heath (Update Dec 2018)
    Kim Lavender
    Laura Trezise
    Leon Ong
    Liam Lim
    Lisa Matton
    Lynette Rankin-Tyack
    Lynne Fairhall
    Marco Sulser
    Marko Giang
    Marek Steiner
    Maxwell Liu
    Melissa-Ann Dunn
    Melissa Spinocchia
    Michael Larven
    Michael Villis
    Nicholas Kyriasis
    Patrick Darmanin
    Paul Searle
    Paul Smith
    Peter Beenett
    Peter Boukouvalas
    Peter Tralaggan
    Rachael King
    Ricci Cheah
    Saskia James
    Shaun Wang
    Sho Tzin Shim
    Steve Salmon
    Tayla King
    Victor Wei
    Wenda Huang
    William Lawler

    Mathias Van Bulck
    Ingrid Brioen
    Peter Raeves
    Niek Bergans
    Quentin Leroy

    Czech Republic
    Petr Duba

    Darko Gespaher

    Jose Eugenio Almanza Guerra
    Yaslot Gacia Gallo

    Czech Republic
    Vaclav Bednar

    Siret Luik

    Juha Viitaoja
    Miika Aulio

    Eduardo Santos

    Bernhard Mangold-Markel
    Claudia Vennemann
    Dieter Hammer
    Dirk Schmidt
    Karsten Sprenger
    Kurt Eggerling
    Rainer Piepereit
    Thomas Strasser

    Ersebet Sinka

    Guðmundur Guðjónsson

    Abhijeet Ananada Dalvi
    Anil Joshi
    B.Gunicha Devi
    Manjeet Malik
    Nilesh Gupta
    Pavan A Tambat
    Prafful Sudhakar Dange
    Purnima Mahato
    Rajesh Hasdak
    Ram Awadesh
    Ranjeet Chamle
    Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Shankar
    Ravinder Sharma
    Reena Kumari
    Samandam Natendurai Udheyakumar
    Sanjay Suhag
    Sanjeeva Singh
    Satyadev Prasad
    Tapan Kumar Murmu
    Uttar Pradesh Sumangala

    Baek Woon Mun

    Luc Schuler

    Aida Roman Arroyo
    Allan Tomas Rojano Vargas
    Ana Sofia Torres Garcia
    Andres E Jasso Torres
    Carlos Daniel Martinez Martinez
    Cosme Lozano Juarez
    Ernesto H Boardman Lopez
    Ernesto H Boardman Villarreal
    Irma Thalia Rojano Zaragoza
    Jose Rene Palacios Vaquera
    Nicolas Andres Grande
    Rodolgo Jorge Gonzalez Medina
    Santiago Avitia Martinez

    Leanne Kleinsteuber

    New Zealand
    Chris Roberts
    Julie Baker

    North Korea
    Yong Jun Jong
    Chul Jin Her
    Yun chol Kim
    II Nam Rim
    Yun Hui Kung
    Un Ju Kang
    Hyang Sun Pak
    Nam Chol Ri
    Kwan Sun Kim

    Eduardo Santos
    Nuno Oliveira

    Matej Zupanc
    Matija Zlender

    Elias Cuesta
    Ignacio (Nacho) Gomez-Sancha

    Rolf Ronnlund

    Thomas Kuemin
    Karoline Tatafu

    Keith Tidswell
    Macide Erdener
    Yusuf Goktug Ergin

    United Kingdom
    Samuel Birdsall
    Wendy Baird
    Zep Birdsall


Jon Barnard, President of Australia’s largest target archery club, Sydney Olympic Park Archers, became dissatisfied with the lack of management and coaching of the sport in Australia following Mr Lee’s exit to become the USA Head Coach. The problems particularly became evident when Australia did not even have a Head Coach leading into or at the London Olympics. Jon founded World Archery Australia in an effort to improve standards. He contacted Mr Lee to speak at a seminar he was organising in Sydney in December 2012 and was thrilled when Mr Lee accepted the invitation. The seminar proved to be very successful and immediately received interest from other parts of the world as it quickly became evident there was also a lack of coaching structure in other countries. From this the idea was also born to establish a worldwide recognised coaching and certification system using Mr Lee’s modern archery coaching techniques. KLICC is now rapidly being adopted throughout the world, there are already 6 Level 3 (top level) coaches in 5 countries, 36 Level 2 Coaches in 11 countries and over 150 hold Level 1 certificates in 27 countries throughout the world. These coaches are up-to-date with the world's most advanced coaching techniques using modern science and bio-mechanics developed by the world's most successful coach, they are in high demand for their knowledge and qualifications with some receiving good remuneration.

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