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The KSL Gold Finger Tab
Last Updated 01/04/2014 at 03:24:31 PM EST
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Many archers and coaches have been observing the development and increasingly successes of the USA recurve archers since Coach Kisik Lee became the USA Archery Head Coach at Chula Vista Olympic Archery Centre.

The KSL Shot Cycle and various other technical aspects of his coaching techniques have been freely shared on this website. One thing we haven’t shared yet is the development and design of a three dimensional finger tab which Coach Lee has been developing and refining over a number of years. Some people have commented on the three finger webbing, supporting all three drawing fingers, but basically dismissing it as just another ordinary tab, but with wrapping of three fingers. However, what most missed was the continuing ongoing development of the three dimensional tab body, which wasn’t easily visible. The three finger wrapping being only one minor, even though important component of the whole.

We all understand the importance of having consist string finger pressure for the individual drawing fingers; consistent wrist position contour, thumb and pinkie finger and position on face. All these factors have been taken into account. This cutting-edge design represents a breakthrough in ergonomics, comfort and feedback. This KSL GOLD TAB, once properly adjusted for each individual archer, will position the tab consistently from shot to shot, assisting in ergonomically supporting the drawing hand whilst shooting.


KSL Gold Finger Tab (Front View)KSL Gold Finger Tab (Front View)
KSL Gold Finger Tab (Inside View)KSL Gold Finger Tab (Inside View)



The KSL GOLD TAB has been engineered and is produced and distributed by Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc. and will come with full detailed instructions how to adjust, set-up and fit and maintain this so very important piece of Equipment

The KSL Gold tab will be available in:
 • Brass or Black Anodized Aluminium
 • RH or LH
 • Small, Medium, or Large

It comes with adjustable finger spacer to allow minor adjustment for most comfortable feel. In addition, a secondary reference point is provided through the inclusion of a small shelf tab, which is adjustable to tilt the shelf to fit the archer’s jaw line and inclination. However, the shelf should only make contact with the skin on the archer’s neck, INSIDE of the jawbone and NOT on the jawbone itself, as the index finger knuckle, should be the main contact point with the jaw bone. The shelf is not an anchor platform.

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