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So, you've read the book/s? Is there any part of the content that you need help understanding? Do you have any inquiries on the archery disciple? Ask Kisik!

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This section has been added especially, as an additional benefit for the readers of  Total Archery.
We have tried to explain each subject in the book as thoroughly as possible, however, there are always some areas which may raise further questions in the mind of the reader which would benefit by further elaboration.
There are now a total of some seventy two FAQs, covering just about every aspect of the KSL Shot Cycle and KSL techniques. Answers to all these questions are providing a valuable information base for both coaches and archers.
We receive many questions which have already been answered in previous FAQs. Before submitting any further questions please check the FAQs to ensure your question hasn't been answered already. Please note that due to time constraints, it might take a little while before your email question will be answered.

Q60 - Should the bow arm scapula move towards the spine during Expansion?
Hello mister Lee,   In the French version of TA, I noted that you speak about the concentration on the movement the one towards other one of the shoulder blades towards the spine what according to me means that the shoulder blade of bow also moves towards the spine.   However, you say that the shoulder blade of bow does not get closer to the spine but stays in low position.... Thus, it is fixed?   In front of these two opposite explanations I do not know any more what I have to understand to realize the good technique. Can let me know how I have to interpret these texts. Thank you for your understanding and for your answer.
Q61 - How far should you turn your head towards the target?
Coach Kisik Lee,   Sorry to trouble you again but I would be grateful for some advice please. In recurve archery, how far should you turn your head towards the target? I noticed something on my last practice session that may be having an effect on groupings and just wanted to check. This is what I found:   I can turn my head quite far without any discomfort but sometimes noticed that the ledge on my tab was sitting nicely under my jaw whereas at other times I couldn't even locate the ledge because it was outside of my jaw or just connecting with the outside of the jawbone. I was wondering why I was getting these inconsistent anchor points until it dawned on me that it was all due to how far I turned my head. If I turn my head so it is virtually over my bow arm, I can clearly see the target with both eyes open but the muscle down my neck sticks out and I cannot anchor my tab correctly - it either floats outside of my jaw or just on the edge of the drawbone and the connection is not solid. However, if I turn my head slightly, so that it faces 1 O'clock, both my eyes have to be turned left (I am right-handed) towards the target and my neck muscle remains relaxed such that my tab shelf fits nicely under my jaw.   Therefore, I was wondering if I should be turning my head 12 O'clock to directly face the target or 1 O'clock so that my eyes have to look to the left. I'm sure there is a simple answer but my dilemma is the compromise between a nice tab position under my jaw and the target picture. Obviously, if I turn my head 12 O'clock I get a nice complete target picture but a poor tab position. If I turn my head to 1 O'clock I get a nice tab position but a more strained target picture due to moving my eyes to the left. Which one (if any) is correct?
Q62 - Please provide more detail about the 1000 Arrow Challenge
Hello,   i'm an archer from Germany and saw on your website about the "1000-arrow-challenge". Can you describe me a bit more detail how to do this.   Mit freundlichem Gruß - Best regards
Q63 - Does Brady Ellison's release result in any torque?
Hi,   Your video of Brady Ellison appears to show a 'rotation' of the string wrist upon release, starting with the palm facing Brady, and ending with the palm facing towards the ground. Likewise, the bow wrist appears to rotate, starting with the palm facing the bow, and ending with the palm facing down. That is, the two hands rotate toward each other -- the bow hand clockwise, the string hand counterclockwise. Is there any torque during the shot that causes such a follow through? That is, is the rotation intentional?   Thanks.
Q64 - My custom made grip slips when having sweaty hands. How to fix?
Hello,   I have a grip built with the specs you lay out in Inside the Archer (about 30 degrees from vertical and a 5 degree left-to-right slant). As a right handed archer at full draw, if my bow hand is slightly sweaty (a common occurrence) I find the bow will want to slide to the left so that the grip moves more towards the center of my palm.   I know in that section of the book you mention adding grip tape to the grip itself, but I wonder if in this situation adding tape would increase torque because the bow is trying to slide left. Is it OK to be adding grip tape in this situation? Or should I be looking at something form related to correct this?   Thanks for any help.
Q65 - Is it better to use a fingertab with a platform or not?
Dear Mr. Lee,   I am particularly interesting in your training method. I am just a question about finger tabs. Is it better to use a finger tab with platform or not ?   I am looking forward to receiving a reply from you.
Q66- KSL Gold Tab - where to put thumb?
Dear Mr. Lee,   I have just purchased a KSL Gold Tab and with reference to Question 65 I'm a bit confused, as where to put my thumb on the tab The instruction manual shows two pictures with the thumb on top of the shelf, whilst in the answer to Question 65 it states, " The shelf should not be used to rest the thumb on...."   Could you please clarify this apparent contradiction.   Many thanks.
Q66- KSL Gold Tab - where to put thumb?
Dear Mr. Lee,   I have just purchased a KSL Gold Tab and with reference to Question 65 I'm a bit confused, as where to put my thumb on the tab The instruction manual shows two pictures with the thumb on top of the shelf, whilst in the answer to Question 65 it states, " The shelf should not be used to rest the thumb on...."   Could you please clarify this apparent contradiction.   Many thanks.
Q67 - Do high level archers do a visual clicker check at the Loading/Transfer phase?
Dear Coach Lee,   In the KSL shot cycle you recommend a visual check of the clicker in the loading / anchoring stage. In the "Inside the Archer" book there is no mention of the clicker check and in the chapter of the Eye Focus its stated that eye focus start at the set position and continue on the target till the follow through. Is it not recommended for high level archers to do the clicker check?   Thank you.
Q68 - What exactly is LAN2?
Hello Mr. Lee,   Page 60 of the French version of TA, you ask to concentrate on a spot LAN2 and move and push this spot towards the back.   My question is: which is the place or the anatomical zone of this spot (is it the shoulder) or can be described it.   Then, in which direction must it be this spot moved towards the back, is on-line with shoulders and the shooting plane of bow or towards the perpendicular back in the axis of the arrow. Indeed, when I move closer the shoulder blade towards the spine my draw shoulder moves towards the back and this angular movement makes spread the hand towards the outside of the face at the time of the release instead of leaving on-line towards the back in line.   Thank you very much of the attention which you will wear in my problem.   Very cordially,   P.G.- an old man of France
Q69 - KSL Gold Finger Tab: Aluminum or Brass?
Good day Coach,   Firstly thank you for 2 superb books - Total Archery and Inside the Archer. I am taking these books chapter by chapter and working gradually on improving my form.   Please can you tell me what the difference in performance of the brass KSL Gold Finger tab as opposed to the aluminium one is and which is the preferable choice?   Many thanks for your time. Kind regards.
Q70 - I have trouble getting good alignment due to shorter length long bones. What can I do?
Dear Coach,   I have been attempting to follow your techniques as written in your book Total archery. I have slightly shorter length long bones in my arms compared to my torso. This means I have trouble getting good alignment because it is biomechanically not possible. To achieve an anchor I have to either raise my elbow tip up (not recommended on page 56) , or bring my elbow tip “forward of the line” (as described on page 57) or I have to raise my head or lean it backwards. I would like to know which is the lesser of the evils?   Regards.
Q71 - How can I have a tight anchor as well as a relaxed upper arm?
Dear Mr. Lee,   I have studied your book intensively and rebuild my shooting style within the last year.   I have one question about the transfer and anchor which I do not quite understand.   You explain that in transfer one should take over as much power as possible by the muscles of the back, especially the trapezius region. The muscles of the drawingarm and hand should be as relaxed as possible.   On the other hand you say that one should have a firm anchor point in the face, that you should press the hand tightly into place.   In order to have a tight anchor one has to engage the biceps/brachialis muscle to stabilize the elbow joint. If the biceps is totally relaxed one cannot archieve a tight anchor. Without stabilising the elbow joint it is quite easy to push the hand laterally out of alignment. Therefore no firm anchor is possible.   Would you mind explain to me where I should place the priority? A tight anchor in the face or a relaxed overarm?   Thank you very much.   Kind Regards.
Q72 - Samick Sports reneges!
Hi,   I wanna(sic) buy a KSL book to learn his techniques. I asked SAMICK BINGJING, they told me the English edition had 11 chapters, 203 pages and the Chinese edition had 11chapters, 117 pages. Could you please let me know where I can buy the Chinese translation.   Thank you.
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